Who We Are

Started in a garage by a devoted group of believers as Stayton Foursquare, New Life Stayton is a fellowship that is trying to show the world who God the Father really is by living our lives with Jesus Christ as our example.


To show the Father through the eyes and testimony of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

People are meant to be taught by God. He teaches us through His Word. Our vision is to give you the tools to study God's Word and hear from Him yourself. To truly have a personal journey with God as your teacher.


Journaling- Daily reading and Learning Plan

Not a Bible Study- A class where answers can be discovered by you.

Serving Others-Jesus not to be served but to serve. As our example we strive to do the same ie, teaching Sunday School, serving meals to those in need, acts of service in our community, volunteering at schools or service centers. Wherever God might lead you to reach beyond yourself.