God has created every woman to be unique and special. Each of us have gifts and a special purpose, that God designed and planned before we were born. Here at New Life Foursquare, we desire to see women united together in love, growing together to be the amazing women of God, we were designed and are called to be!


Thrive - by growing in God’s Word

Thrive Women’s ministry encourages all women to make God’s Word a priority in their daily life. Any time we spend in God’s Word, in worship, prayer or just sitting in God’s sweet presence is time well spent! To help ladies to grow in this area, we encourage journaling through daily bible reading, and we also plan different events throughout the year for teaching, training, and studying God’s Word together!


Thrive - by building quality friendships

God designed us to walk in fellowship with Him, but also to walk in fellowship with each other. Scripture says, two are better than one, for if one falls down the other can help lift them back up! We need each other!! So we encourage deepening old friendships, and building up new friendships, encouraging, uplifting, praying and just being a part of each others lives. We have multiple events each year to help make those connections, see the upcoming events page to see what we currently have going on!


Thrive - by serving others

We have found that we all truly Thrive, when we find our niche, our place that we can honor God and others in service. Whether that is by being a greeter, helping plan an event, volunteering to clean, teach, or play an instrument. Each of us has something we can do or give in service to those around us…Our goal is to encourage all women to find a place to serve one another, just as Jesus served.